Apply to NJTLC

Who is eligible & how to apply.

Who is Eligible for NJTLC?

Eligibility for the New Jersey Teacher Leader Certification (NJTLC) Program requires that a candidate be a TEACHER who:

  • Holds a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution
  • Holds a valid standard instructional certificate
  • Demonstrates a minimum of four years teaching experience under a valid New Jersey or out-of-state certificate
  • Demonstrates a minimum of two effective or highly effective annual summative ratings in the three most recent years under a New Jersey evaluation system or appropriate equivalent criteria in another state.

How Do I Apply for NJTLC?

Complete the NJTLC Online Application process which includes:

  • Completion of an Online Application
  • Participation in an In-person Interview
  • Completion of Writing and Data Analysis Tasks
  • Submission of a District Letter of Support
  • Submission of a Letter of Recommendation from Principal
  • Download and complete the District Letter of Support